About The HSSM

The High School of Sports Management opened its doors, in September 2005, to 94 ninth-grade students and 7 staff members. We faced challenges that seemed insurmountable, situated in an undersized building with few amenities.
Our influx of students was academically low achieving, with little or no knowledge of the requisite demands of sport management, or attending a major university. Yet, more than 80 percent of our students have graduated within a four-year period, in each of our two graduating classes, 2009 and 2010, and have gone on to college.
The uniqueness of this school is the interdisciplinary approach that meshes sport management with core subjects. Our students are on a career path in sports media, marketing, journalism, business operations and event planning.
We are keenly aware that there is a dearth of participants of color and women within the industry. Our means of addressing the disparaging figures of minorities to whites in sport management, especially in upper management positions, are two fold: one, offering a cutting edge program that provides students with both the theoretical principles of this burgeoning field and practical hands-on experience; two, partnering with the University of Massachusetts Amherst Isenberg School of Management, St. John’s University Sport Management Department, Long Island University Brooklyn Campus Division of Sports Sciences, the Brooklyn Cyclones and Municipal Credit Union, among others.
We give our students a competitive advantage by bringing the sport industry to them through our Sport Industry Speaker Series and Sport Symposiums. These afford our students the opportunity to interact with industry professionals as they pursue their career objective in the sports, entertainment and business industries.
Our annual Celebrity/Charity Softball Event helps us raise money for the HSSM Scholarship Fund, which is distributed at graduation to students’ colleges and universities of choice.

Celebrity/Charity Softball Event

Each year, The High School of Sports Management, in partnership with the Brooklyn Cyclones, hosts a Celebrity/Charity Softball Game at MCU Park in Coney Island.

This event raises (1) awareness of our Sport Management High School in the Coney Island community, (2) finances for our scholarship fund, which are distributed to our students’ colleges and universities of choice at graduation, and (3) affords students practical, hands-on experience planning and executing a live sporting event. Our graduates are now matriculating at major universities such as University of Massachusetts, St. John’s University, and Long Island University Brooklyn Campus, where they are further exposed to the business of sports. Over the past 5 years we have raised over $20,000 for student scholarships.

The game is not only a bridge between our school and communities, but also between our classrooms and the business world.


7 thoughts on “About The HSSM

  1. Hello Lima:

    From your friends at Walt Whitman. I am thinking about planning a trip to your celebrity charity softball game. How much are tickets? What is the end time? Is there a group discount?

    You can call me
    Ms. A. Richardson

    • Hello Ms. Richardson,

      For you, the tickets will be free because you and your students are going to be my special guests. We would like to ask for your students email addresses so that we can email them thanking them for their support. I would also like to come to Walt Whitman and give a presentation to a group of students about the game.

      The game will start at 1pm and end at 3pm.

      Thanks again!

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