Rivalry On Ice Sport Industry Speaker Series

On Friday, January 10, 2014  The High School of Sports Management hosted its first Sport Management event for the new year: HSSM-Rivalry on Ice Speaker Series. Invited guests included Gerry Harrington, Yale University graduate and president of Capitol City Group, Ltd. Mr. Harrington talked to our students about the 100 year-old  hockey rivalry between Yale and Harvard  Universities. Mr. Harrington had been inspired to come to our school by CEO of Leverage Agency Ben Sturner  and by reading a published newspaper article on one of our former graduates who pursued a sport management education at UMass. In fact, if Mr. Harrington had had the opportunity, he too would have chosen sports management. He talked about his  background where, though there was not much money, he and his siblings were encouraged to work hard and passionately follow their dreams. It is important to note that Gerry and two of his brothers played on the Yale hockey team at the same time. Today, they are all successful businessmen. Gina Otto, another representative of Rivalry on Ice and advocate for children, spoke also of how passionate our students have to be with the dreams they want to achieve. After graduating from college, internships and opportunities were open doors to success. She had a very successful career with CBS before launching out to pioneer a global movement, Change My World Now, and becoming a bestselling children’s author. Assistant Principal Derek Cradle also encouraged our students. He explained that though adversities come to all of us, we can rise above them, create opportunities for ourselves and others, and show that we are strong enough to conquer obstacles. Our students were challenged to attend the Rivalry on Ice event at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, January 11th, which was sponsored by one of our leading partners Leverage Agency, along with NBC Sports Network, Turkish Airlines, Uber, and the Wall Street Journal. Many of them did, and we appreciate their support.      


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