HSSM Upcoming Events

Dear Friends,

We have our Sports Spring Symposium coming up on Thursday, April 14, 2011.  We are inviting partners and sponsors to talk to students about their jobs and experiences of how to become successful in the business of sports.  Below is more information about what is going to happen.

Spring Sports Symposium Announcement

Who is Coming to the event?

  • Lyndon Campbell, Market Research
  • Elisa Padilla, Director of Marketing for the New Jersey NETS
  • Christian Waterman, HSSM Graduate
  • Conner Quinn, HSSM Graduate
  • Cory Provost, Treasurer at CUNY
  • Dr. Harold Merritt, St. John’s Director of Sports Management Studies
  • Huey Ferguson, Business Development at MCU
  • Jemaine Buchanan, Research and Marketing Analyst at Nielsen Sports
  • Ken Currey, Vice President of Business Development at MCU
  • Marvin Holland, Director of Political and Community at TWU-Local 100
  • Melvin Rodriguez, Director of Umass Diversity Program
  • Steve Cohen, General Manager for the Brooklyn Cyclones
  • Tara Petrolino, MSG Varsity TV Host
  • And many more…

This is going to be a great event!

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