NBA All-Star Weekend 2011

Hello!!!   Great News!!!

We will be covering the NBA All-Star events in Los Angeles beginning Thursday, February 17 through Monday, February 21.

Several of our community partners have assisted us greatly:

-Dan Reed provided media credentials to report the NBA D-League All-Star events
-Lyndon Campbell of the Nielsen Company has arranged a meeting with one of his NBA clients
-Eric Newman of Dime Magazine/Chainlink Fundamentals invited us to their basketball clinic
-The Godparents Club is providing credentials to their Celebrity/Charity Basketball Game
-our student journalists are crafting questions for us to pose to interviewees such as NBA personnel, media, sport industry professionals, among others. The questions and answers will be posted on our facebook and twitter accounts

We have also been in touch with people outside the HSSM community, including Dawnelle Owens of the NBA, in LA, to help make our trip successful

Isn’t that awesome !!

keep in touch for more updates.

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