My Trip to UMass Amherst by Kamran Mohammed

This summer I had the privilege to be chosen by The High School Of Sports Management to go up to UMASS Amherst for a week, and live up to its hype! The school thinks they have something special in me but guess what they’re not wrong. I am going to live up to what I want to be! When the school told me I was one of the 4 students selected to go to UMASS I was really delighted. When a opportunity presents itself you, you must take advantage, and put your best foot forward. I did and made those 5 days my “tryout” for the school and if you asked me I did well.

I went up to UMASS with kids from my school that I still didn’t know much about: James Cooper, Jonathan Acevedo, and Tishana Koger. Tishana was the only one that I knew somewhat because she was in my classes. Going to UMASS made us a little closer as friends.

When that morning of the day came I said “Yes! I am leaving and going to get a taste of the dorm life.” That morning was pretty good. I got up all hyped for the day ahead of me! I got to the train station with Ms.Pitts and Rev giving his big tight hugs as usual (they hurt sometimes) but at the time I was ready to leave so it didn’t hurt.

We got our tickets on the train. You know what happens next, sleep music. Then ms Hall, who was coming with us to UMASS, gives us a sheet to do. But it wasn’t much…..

Fast Forward>..

Our groups of kids were the first there. So we had time to look around the place meet the people there and as a first impression I am like wow this place is pretty nice! The people were real nice guiding us through the stuff we had to do..

The next thing was to wait for my roommate to show up.  He was a cool kid named Andrew. As everyone slowly came in I started to talk to my roommate. I thought, “I am going to be in the same room with this kid for the next 5 nights so why not tell him who I am and have a mini conversation to start with.”

The first real day everyone was just there looking at each other and didn’t know what to do. But as the days went on people started to talk more and more by the second day everyone knew each other.

The kids were all from the Massachusetts area when they found out we were from New York they all looked at us like “really?!” You guys came from New York? I said “yea that’s not a foreign place.”

One thing I noticed was that the counselors were students who were currently attending the school. They gave us all the insight we needed around the school.

I understand how some kids might have loved breakfast, lunch and dinner but as I said before I had to prove to the people there that I was worthy enough to go to UMASS. Even though the food was good I enjoyed the class we had.  The feeling of sitting in a college setting is what I really loved. The feeling that I have to be the one waking myself up timing myself and doing my work, told me that I am a big kid now and I’m not going to have my mom doing those things  for me anymore.

I loved it on the Wednesday when we took a trip to Boston…though you must know I am a BIG Yankees fan. When we went to Feway Park. It looked small, but I knew it had a big history behind it.

All the classes and being with these people gave us a special bond which most of us still have thanks to Facebook. By the end of the week we had to finish a group project in which my team won! We had to study Target and Wal-Mart and had do a full in depth review of the both companies. That’s where my PowerPoint skills came in handy. I made my groups slides different. The last day we had to present the reports and watch everyone else. We did well and as a result!

On the last day no one wanted to leave. I wanted to see my parents and family but I made friends that are like family.  I totally enjoyed it. I got to live the UMASS life for a week and have to say it was a good one. I always learn something and when I went to UMASS I learned a good amount of information regarding the school and what the right path was for me! I loved it and would love to visit UMASS anytime and hopefully attend as a student. UMASS was just great!

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