A Note from a HSSM Summer Intern

Hello everyone, my name is Kayla Hom and I am a “rising senior” at Brooklyn Tech.  I interned for The High School of Sports Management this summer from the beginning of July until late August.  During this time, I worked mostly with Reverend Branch, but I also worked with Ms. Hall and Ms. Pitts.

During July, I helped with the summer school over at Banneker Academy.  I did programming, ran errands, and made sure things went as smoothly as possible.  About halfway through July, I joined the Rev and Ms. Hall at MCU Park for a Community Advisory Board meeting in a suite that included dinner.  I took off one week at the end of July because I had a previous commitment to play ice hockey.

When I returned to work in August, I spent a couple more days at Banneker.  After that, I was writing emails or answering the phones back at Lafayette Educational Complex – something I had done at Banneker, but on a smaller scale.  These phone calls and emails were all attempts at forming new connections with people within the sport industry, such as with the New York Giants and New York Jets.  (And, for those of you who haven’t heard, The High School of Sports Management is trying to bring in the Jonas Brothers for the Charity/Celebrity Softball Game in 2011.  I met them at MCU Park while the Rev and I were there for another meeting.)

My usual workdays mimicked those of the Rev’s – I came in around 7AM and left anywhere between 3:30PM to 6:30PM (the CAB meeting in July ran until 9:30PM).  We even walked to the train station and took the D train to 36th Street together.  Even though we worked hard all day, we learned to have fun while we worked.  I shared some great laughs this summer, and memories I will hold onto forever.

I have said several times that The High School of Sports Management was like my second family this summer.  The Rev was like the grandpa I never knew, and Ms. Hall was like the sister I never had.  I guess when you spend as much time as I did with them (I even spent an amazing seventeenth birthday with them), working as hard and having as much fun as we did, you cannot help but feel that way.

I guess, in closing, I would like to leave a couple short messages—

To the Rev, Ms. Hall, Ms. Pitts, and everyone else I worked with this summer:

Thank you for a wonderful summer.  If I could go back and do it over again, I would.  Good luck in your continuing pursuit to make The High School of Sports Management the best it can be.

To the HSSM students, teachers, and any staff that I did not work with this summer:

I hope that all of you have a fantastic, successful school year.  Please appreciate the work that these people put in to make the year as enjoyable and educationally fulfilling as possible for you.  After this summer, I know I do.

~Kayla Hom

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One thought on “A Note from a HSSM Summer Intern

  1. Kayla Flacka,

    Wow. *wipes tears* Words cannot truly describe how thankful we are that you spent this summer with us. Not only were you an awesome, competent, efficient, and hardworking employee, but you brought a fragrance and energy to the office that was unmatched by anyone in the past. We appreciate all you have done for us to move us closer to our goals and wish you all the best in your final year at Tech.

    Your sis,

    Mia Hall

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