Lovelace Invitation – Champions Brunch

May 12, 2010

Dear Peers and Supporters of Coach Lovelace,

The High School of Sports Management has selected a few men and women to honor at our Diversity in Sports Champions Brunch. Coach Ruth Lovelace is one of them. The award, in recognition of Coach Lovelace’s contribution to the Brooklyn school community and service to youth at large, will be presented in the Gallery at MCU Park Home of the Brooklyn Cyclones on Saturday, June 5, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.

We would be pleased to have Coach Lovelace’s peers and supporters seated with her at the Brunch. A table of 10 costs $300, which entitles each guest to a catered brunch, a welcoming address from the General Manager of the Brooklyn Cyclones, a poetry reading from an HSSM student, and a video presentation of the day’s event.

Our mission at The High School of Sports Management is to prepare graduates whose critical thinking skills and desire for success will lead to a lifetime pursuit of learning and achieving, especially within the sports industry.

Our awards ceremony will allow our students to publically validate Coach Lovelace’s professional interests and achievements, even as she has validated our purposes as a Sport Management school, by her personal relationship with and investment in us.

Please contact Mia Hall at 718-333-7650 at ext. 4432.


Nicholas Henry

Ms. Gunn’s 9th Grade ELA Students

Gerson Lima, 9th grade

Director of Advertising, 2010 Celebrity/Charity Softball Game

Nicholas Henry, 12th grade

CEO 2010 Celebrity/Charity Softball Game

cc: Robin Pitts, Principal

Allison Farrington, Assistant Principal

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