HSSM 3rd Annual Women’s History Month Celebration

Pride, smiles, laughter, fellowship, and hues of blue filled the Lafayette Education Complex library on Friday, March 19 at 10:00 am. The High School of Sports Management (HSSM) students and teachers, all women, gathered for the day to celebrate womanhood and our beloved Principal, Robin Pitts, birthday.

Speakers from the Fashion, Fitness, Hair, Makeup, and Education industries poured in their wisdom to the young women at The High School of Sports Management for this annual event organized by Assistant Principal, Allison Farrington.

First on the program was the Principal of The High School of Sports Management, whom through Skype (online video conference tool) delivered the introductory welcome message. The students and staff sang “Happy Birthday” to her through the camera. She continued to watch via online as our Keynote Speaker, April Walker, also known as the “Sacagawea of Urban Fashion,” spoke to the girls about how she inspired the multi-billion dollar “streetwear” fashion lifestyle category. She spoke about the challenges and successes she experienced through her diverse fashion, film, and pet supply industries. She also explained “dress appropriately for wherever you go, but keeping an element of your personal style is essential.”

Ms. Farrington, the Mistress of Ceremonies, transitioned into a Rites of Passage ceremony for the young women. Ms. Farrington gave out certificates of the Sisterhood pledge and led them in the exhortation of the pledge with their classmates. Afterward the girls then partook in a great lunch served by the teachers.

After lunch, Jaime Cloud, a School and Mental Health Counseling major in the graduate program at Long Island University, talked about her college career, internships, and extensive involvement in school activities. She explained how being a part (now the lead delegate at LIU) of the National Model United Nations program has given her the opportunity to travel across the world. The girls complimented her hair and she explained how she also modeled in hair shows for her aunt who is a Master Cutter.

Ms. Gunn, a full-time teacher and part time Personal Trainer, then spoke to the girls about healthy exercise and eating habits. She addressed issues in Women’s health and nutrition extensively. She also handed out information sheets for the girls to have information to take with them, including exercises that they can do at home.

For the remainder of the event, Yasmin Steward and her team from Mary Kay took charge. They separated the girls into two groups and gave them Satin Hand treatments and facials. Ms. Stewart also gave a presentation on healthy skin care which we all learned from. All the girls were given a certificate and raffle tickets. Some won make up products by Mary Kay. “I want to start selling Mary Kay!” said Shaniece Coleman, after seeing Ms. Stewart’s company car.

The girls were informed, inspired, and empowered. Anticipation for next year’s event is high.

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