HSSM’s 1st Intern Dominique Harris

Hello friends of The High School of Sport Management,

My name is Dominique Harris. I’m from Brooklyn, NY. I’m currently completing my Sport Management internship here at The High School of Sport Management (HSSM). On May 9, 2010 with a Bachelors of Science in Sport Management, I will become a member of Hampton University Alumni.

On January 13, 2010 I came to HSSM in search of an internship opportunity to further my experience in the area of sport management. On January 19, 2010 I became HSSM’s first intern. I want to give HSSM students insights and prepare them for what is to come in the field of sport management at a collegiate level.

I also seek to help them enhance their knowledge, helping them understand that everyone one is not guaranteed a position in pro-sports, but the importance operating sports behind the scene. At the end of this internship I want to have gained more knowledge in the field of sport management and also know how to be able to orchestrate and manage sport events such as the 4th Annual Celebrity/Charity Softball Game within large facilities such as MCU (formerly KeySpan) Park.

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